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Health, Benefits & Compliance Conference
September 12, 2017 • 7:30 am – 11:00 am
What you need to know:
Agents who enroll new small group customers into Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network plans effective July 1 through Dec. 1 will receive a new business agent bonus.
Please note:
• The bonus will be a one-time incentive of $100 per contract.
• New-to-Blue business includes either Blue Cross or BCN plans.
• Agents are eligible for the bonus if they bring in new groups with five to 49 contracts enrolled.
• Existing group customers who move from BCN to Blue Cross plans, or vice-versa, don’t qualify as new business.
• New segments of membership brought into an existing small group from competitors will qualify for the bonus. (Proof of the competitor transition may be required.)
• Groups’ coverage must be active at the end of 2017 to qualify as new business.
• Agents will receive their payments no later than March 2018.
Action item:
Take advantage of our bonus program and enroll new small group customers into Blue Cross and BCN plans.
The agent bonus program is effective immediately and applies to new-to-Blue groups with effective dates July 1 through Dec. 1.
Questions? Contact your Blue Cross sales representative or managing agent.
We make Summary Plan Description compliance easy with our updated 2017 web-based SPD service and, best of all, MichBusiness members receive a complimentary SPD!
The Federal ERISA law makes it mandatory for employers who provide a group benefit plan to furnish an ERISA compliant Summary Plan Description to their employees.
Affordable COBRA Services
The MichBusiness COBRA program with our Partner, BASIC, reduces your clients’ compliance risks and frees up valuable time and resources.
A Single Solution to Assist You with Managing Your HR, Compliance, and Benefit Needs!
With HR Assist, employers are given an HR Management System, designed by HR Professionals, for HR Professionals. The system allows you to start the new hire process with one simple click, distribute and track cafeteria plans, SPDs, and other mandated notices… all with a digital signature feature to show proof of delivery. Along with the Management System, HR Assist + comes with an administrator to maintain the system for you, giving you the HR assistant you always needed.
Agents, Enroll Your Clients Today – Special Dues Rate of $120
Plus, our Client Service Team is ready to assist with your clients’ BCBSM ECOS changes and servicing. So don’t forget to code your BCBS/BCN business with our Association code “AL.”
Prescription Drug Discount:

MichBusiness and our partner, United Networks of America, are pleased to offer you access to a FREE Prescription Drug Card program. This card will allow you to receive savings up to 75% (average is around 25- 30%) at more than 1,300 well known pharmacies throughout the state of Michigan.
MichBusiness is offering members the opportunity for significant savings of up to 25% on comprehensive eye examinations, frames, lenses, lens options, and contact lenses.