2019 Best of MichBusiness Award Categories

Individual Categories

Please nominate a single person for these awards. Only individuals can receive these awards.

Extreme Entrepreneur – Name that superstar entrepreneur who went to extremes to bring his or her ideas to life.

HR Wizards – The human resources profession has many roles in business today, from payroll to benefits and from compliance to employee manuals. Those who keep it all straight deserve praise.

Office Ninja – Chipper or cheerful doesn’t cover it, nor does efficient and organized, only the knock your socks off company ninjas are worthy of this award. Who greets your customers with glee? Who is the super glue holding everything together? Who jumps on a problem before anyone else? Office Ninja, that’s who. Recognize the ninja in your company!

Transformative Leader – True leaders are remarkable for elevating the quality of life for their employees, clients, or constituents. Anyone who leads a group of people is eligible for this award – clergy, educators, politicians, CEOs, foremen, and bosses. Name your favorite.

Company Categories

Please nominate a company/organization for these awards. Only companies can receive these awards.

Future Workforce Fuelers – Does your company have an outstanding apprentice program? Do your interns love your company and all you do for them? Are you re-careering your senior workforce? Those companies modeling, mentoring, apprenticing, re-careering, interning – performing any programs disrupting workforce development deserve recognition in today’s talent shortage. Let’s honor those organizations changing how we prepare for the future world of work.

Manufacturing Marvels – Maybe they’ve come back from the brink. Maybe they’ve filled a niche. Whatever the reason, they are the inspirational examples that keep us thinking that there is a future in manufacturing after all.

Marketing and PR Prophets – They’re the know-it-all marketing, advertising, and public relations firms laser-focused on the right audience, with the right answer, at the right time. And everyone knows it.

Non-Profit Beacons – Non-profit doesn’t mean non-business-savvy. It takes a lot of smarts to fulfill community needs, especially when resources are tight. These organizations are very good at what they do.

Retail Rock Stars – Do you have a favorite retail store, a place where you love to shop? Does their customer service bowl you over the minute you walk in the door? Is Quality their middle name? The Retail Rock Stars award honors the B to C companies that knock your socks off.

Succession Successes – This award honors family owned and operated businesses that have successfully transitioned leadership and ownership from one generation to the next.

Sustainable Superheroes – These companies embrace a corporate social responsibility and relentless endeavor to be earth-friendly, and are able to leap small buildings in a single bound.

Taste Sensations – There’s plenty of awards for best restaurants, but where’s the love for Michigan’s food manufacturers? Or distributors? Can we get a hooray for a farm stand? Or a high five for a food festival?

Technology Gurus – These are companies leading the way with cutting edge technology ideas or innovative solutions. Whether they serve and support other businesses or provide much-needed support from within–they are the translators between our technology and ourselves.

Triple Trusted Advisors – These are the firms that speak the truth, guide decisions, have your back – your banker, your broker, your coach or advisor, your accountant, your attorney. It’s a competitive world for them, let’s lend some love to those who operate with integrity and honor their clients.