IRS Issues Draft ACA Forms for Reporting for 2015

IRS has issued drafts of the Affordable Care Act forms required for employer shared-responsibility (ESR) and minimum essential coverage (MEC) reporting for 2015. It’s expected that issuers of health insurance and certain employers will use Form 1094-B and Form 1095-B for MEC reporting, while large employers will use Form 1095-C and Form 1094-C for ESR reporting and, in some cases, MEC reporting for 2015. Draft instructions for the forms are not available yet.
A link to the forms is provided below:
Form 1094-B,Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Return:–dft.pdf
Form 1094-C, Transmittal of Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage Information Return:–dft.pdf
Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement:–dft.pdf

Form 1095-B, Health Coverage:–dft.pdf
Form 1095-C, Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage:–dft.pdf 

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