New ‘Cash For Life’ Games Expected to Generate Traffic, Sales for Retailers

By M. Scott Bowen
Michigan Lottery Commissioner

The phrase “for life” resonates strongly with Michigan Lottery players. Hearing that a game offers a prize “for life” quickly gets Lottery players daydreaming about winning the big prize and how it would change their lives.

That’s why the Cash For Life instant games have been some the most popular and successful games offered by the Lottery. The next round of Cash For Life games is designed to generate even more excitement by offering the biggest top prizes ever in the Cash For Life family of games.

On April 7, the Lottery will debut a redesigned “for life” instant game with larger top prizes than last year’s counterparts. The new Cash For Life instant game family will include: $500 A Week For Life ($1 per ticket, with a top prize $100 larger than the 2014 game), $1,000 A Week For Life ($2 per ticket, with a top prize $200 larger than the 2014 game), $2,500 A Week For Life ($5 per ticket, with a top prize $500 larger than the 2014 game), and $5,000 A Week For Life ($10 per ticket, with a top prize $1,000 larger than the 2014 game).

We’re excited about the sales opportunities that the new “for life” games will bring retailers across the state. We expect the bigger top prizes offered in each game to attract more players  and to continue to make “for life” instant games a player favorite. The refreshed ticket design will also make the new games easy for players to recognize on retailers’ shelves and that is expected to promote sales.

NEW INSTANT TICKETS: These tickets go on sale April 7:

    IG # 725    $500 A Week For Life       $1            
    IG # 726    $1,000 A Week For Life    $2
    IG # 727    $2,500 A Week For Life    $5
    IG # 728    $5,000 A Week For Life    $10
NEW PULL TAB TICKETS: These tickets go on sale April 6:

    MI # 557    Detroit Tigers         $1
    MI # 540    $1,000,000 Riches  $5

    April 6:

    IG # 640    Black & Gold                       $10
    IG # 649    50X The Cash                     $2
    IG # 658    $50,000,000 Celebration      $5
    IG # 661    20th Anniversary Wild Time  $20
    IG # 669    Frogger                               $2
    IG # 671    Lucky Number Bingo            $2

    May 4:

    IG # 621    $100,000 Bingo               $3
    IG # 648    Life In The Cash Lane      $10
    IG # 662    Oh Deer!                        $2
    IG # 663    Golden Gift                     $2
    IG # 664    Silver Bell Bucks             $2
    IG # 665    $500,000 Riches              $2


    March 28:

    MI # 523    10x The Cash        $1

    April 13:

    MI #504    Casino Craze    $1
    MI #506     Win Big           $1
    MI # 517    Deer Camp     $1
    April 27:

    MI #513     Detroit Lions    $1

    May 1:

    MI # 505    $100,000 Mega Bucks    $2

    May 18:

    MI # 512    Quick Cash    $.50

TICKET ACTIVATION: Retailers are reminded to activate all game tickets before putting them on sale to ensure winning tickets may be redeemed by players.   

About 97 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery tickets is returned to the state in the form of contributions to the state School Aid Fund, prizes to players and commissions to retailers. In the 2014 fiscal year, the Lottery’s contribution to Michigan’s public schools was $742.8 million. Since it began in 1972, the Lottery has contributed nearly $19 billion to education in Michigan. For additional information, follow the Michigan Lottery on Facebook, Twitter and online at

“The Michigan Lottery. All across the state good things happen.”

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