FMLA Administration

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Guide to FMLA Regulations & Employer Compliance

Human Resource Professionals rank FMLA as one of the most challenging and time­ consuming employment prac­tice regulations to administer.

  • We provide the most up­-to­-date information on federal FMLA regulatory compliance requirements:

    • Sample FMLA employer policy
    • Posting requirements
    • Mandatory notices
    • DOL FMLA Certification Forms
    • Quick reference guides
  • BASIC’s proprietary administration tools and resources include:

    • Excel formatted tracking spreadsheet for continuous and intermittent leave
    • FMLA In­House Audit/Checklist
    • Comprehensive FMLA Q&A. Answers a wide range of FMLA questions and references specific FMLA statutes for greater detail or documentation
    • Online training for supervisors and managers to safeguard against one of the most common FMLA employer compliance mistakes

Why choose BASIC FMLA Fundamentals™?

BASIC offers several levels of FMLA Administration, including full Absence Management with an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) call off line. However, FMLA Fundamentals is a perfect solution for companies who’d like to keep their FMLA administration in­-house.

  • BASIC’s FMLA Fundamentals™ is perfect for organizations that:

    • Just recently crossed the threshold for FMLA compliance
    • Would prefer to manage all aspects of their FMLA but would like access to a FMLA professional for periodic guidance
    • Recently encountered a situation that may fall under FMLA protection that requires immediate attention and professional advice
    • Does not want to get caught unprepared for a DOL audit

Expert Advice & Guidance

BASIC’s FMLA Fundamentals™ goes well beyond a self service FMLA Regulations ‘How To” manual.

You also have unlimited access to our Industry Certified FMLA Case Managers to help answer questions. We understand situations arise that do not always fit per­fectly into the DOL legal statutes. Our Case Managers handle FMLA Administration for multi-million dollar com­panies nationwide and with FMLA Fundamentals™, you can tap into their knowledge giving you peace of mind.

Members of MichBusiness receive discounted pricing on the FMLA Fundamentals solution by BASIC. For more information on this service or pricing information, please contact our office 586-393-8800 or



When Compliance Matters

FMLA Ease is designed to provide administrative support to employers that have a low frequency of FMLA claims. BASIC pro­vides expert assistance and compli­ance designed to fully manage all types of FMLA events and cir­cumstances after receiving event data from the employer. Our service offers consistent, non-bi­ased and compliant administration of FMLA, including State Leave, while enabling the employer to maintain current attendance and absence manage­ment programs.

Guaranteed Compliance Assurance

When an employer identifies a potential FMLA claim they notify BASIC through an online form.

BASIC does everything else. We use proven best practices and apply consis­tent administration to safe­guard our clients. We keep the employer informed with all claim details and related absence.

Members of MichBusiness receive discounted pricing on the FMLA Ease solution by BASIC. For more information on this service or pricing information, please contact our office 586-393-8800 or

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