FMLA Administration

In Partnership with BASIC



When Compliance Matters

FMLA Ease is designed to provide administrative support to employers that have a low frequency of FMLA claims. BASIC pro­vides expert assistance and compli­ance designed to fully manage all types of FMLA events and cir­cumstances after receiving event data from the employer. Our service offers consistent, non-bi­ased and compliant administration of FMLA, including State Leave, while enabling the employer to maintain current attendance and absence manage­ment programs.

Guaranteed Compliance Assurance

When an employer identifies a potential FMLA claim they notify BASIC through an online form.

BASIC does everything else. We use proven best practices and apply consis­tent administration to safe­guard our clients. We keep the employer informed with all claim details and related absence.

Members of MichBusiness receive discounted pricing on the FMLA Ease solution by BASIC. For more information on this service or pricing information, please contact our office 586-393-8800 or

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