We provide a one stop solution that provides an invaluable benefit to employers. Perfect for small to mid-size companies with or without a dedicated HR Department

Six Ways To Streamline Your HR

1. Unlimited Ask the Pro

When we say “unlimited,” we mean it. With HR On­-Demand, you can ask our team of certified HR Pros as many questions as you want, either online or over the phone. It’s a level of expertise you can’t find anywhere else

2. Custom Employee Handbooks

Our HR Pros will create a comprehensive employee handbook for your organization. They’ll also update and review any existing handbooks. Plus, we include one­-on­-one consultations with an HR Pro to ensure that your business is compliant and protected.

3. Up­-to­-the­-Minute Ticket Tracker

You’ll always know the status of the questions you submit to our HR Pros by using the Ticket Tracker. It displays detailed ticket information, including which HR Pro has been assigned to it, when an answer will be ready, and a summary of the question.

4. Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents

With HR On­-Demand, you can turn to us for all of your HR document needs. We’ll work with you to develop HR documents tailored to your organization. From job descriptions to forms to letters, we’ve got you covered.

5. Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training

Designed specifically for supervisors, you can sign up for this interactive webinar focusing on an employer’s legal obligations and best practices for preventing sexual harassment. It also addresses unlawful harassment in the protected categories of race and disability.

6. HR Concierge Live Chat

Our live chat feature – HR Concierge – helps you easily identify HR issues and locate the tools you need, when you need them most. With HR Concierge, a member of our HR team is just a chat away.

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