Dan Loepp, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan president and CEO, addresses health care reform process, calls for bipartisan solutions

Two decades ago, with Democrats and Republicans sharing equal numbers of seats in the Michigan House of Representatives, House leaders constructed a unique power-sharing arrangement. Committees were co-chaired by one Democrat and one Republican. Agreements were constructed where neither party would try to ram through its agenda if special circumstances, like a seat unexpectedly becoming vacant, served to tilt the delicate balance of power.

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No Senate vote after Congressional hearings on Graham-Cassidy proposal, latest health care reform ‘repeal and replace’ legislation

After the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing this week on reconciliation legislation presented by Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham, the Senate leadership announced they would not vote on the legislation that was meant to repeal certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act and send funding to states because the proposal did not have enough votes for approval.

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