Helping Businesses

Our Passion

A History of Success

The root of MichBusiness has always been  helping small businesses across Michigan succeed through valuable resources, educational programs, high-impact events and more. For more than three decades, as the Michigan Business and Professional Association, the organization’s mission and history of successful business partnerships have positively impacted more than 150,000 businesses.

Through interactive programs, affiliates, and sister companies, professionals and leaders in our statewide business community have been able to apply the tools and opportunities we provide to their organizations in order to make their businesses better.

A Brighter Future

Recently, MBPA evolved into “MichBusiness.” By becoming MichBusiness, the organization continues to provide businesses with the tools and resources that it has done in the past, while expanding its sphere of influence to meet today’s business demands. New offerings such as an interactive member exchange portal, and digital networking through social media helps form lasting relationships and gives members more access to business experts, and an online community.

MichBusiness is the entire business community in one place, united around a common objective and singular mission: supporting and promoting business success in our state. In this community, businesses can interact and engage in any number of ways: socially networking (online), digitally on the Web community, or in person at the MichBusiness Milestone Series events.

With this evolution we have expanded our membership offerings to two different member tiers, pathfinders and trailblazers. All of our members have access to plenty of helpful business resources, educational events, networking opportunities, digital communications, our member-helping-member exchange, and more. All of these great benefits are designed to help your business thrive and connect with other community members.

MichBusiness is dedicated to supporting and celebrating the growth and success of Michigan companies on their journey through business! Through our resources, programs, opportunities and more, we are here to help make your adventure both fun and rewarding.

Explore the MichBusiness community. Connect with other businesses and professionals. MichBusiness helps you Thrive!

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