For many small businesses, the current health insurance landscape provides you and your employees with limited choices and flexibility. TranscendAHP was created as a health insurance solution that pools members together with the benefit of providing lower premiums and expanded benefits that currently only large businesses can obtain.

TranscendAHP allows small businesses to attract and retain top talent by offering a robust health insurance package with affordable rates.

To provide you with a more competitive set of solutions, TranscendAHP has collaborated with Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan and Blue Care Network to offer a multiple employer welfare arrangement designed as a fully-insured benefit option for businesses with 50 or fewer enrolled employees, including sole proprietors.

All licensed health insurance agents can quote a TranscendAHP plan for their customer. To receive a quote, please speak to your agent. If you need to be connected with an agent, please contact our team to get started.

Members of MichBusiness are eligible for discount membership with Transcend

Transcend Overview

What is an AHP?

Association Health Plans (AHPs) provide small business and sole proprietorships the opportunity to join together to obtain healthcare coverage; often resulting in lower rates and higher benefits.

TranscendAHP is a new way to cover your employees’ health benefits with some great financial benefits for you. It’s a fully-insured multiple employer health benefit plan
for Transcend member companies and is designed with small business needs in mind.

Who can apply?

Any company in good standing with 50 or fewer enrolled employees may apply. If you are already a current member of MichBusiness, you are eligible to join Transcend at a member-only rate. Keep in mind that sole proprietors with no employees are also eligible to apply to TranscendAHP.

What’s the advantage?

TranscendAHP was designed to better manage the cost of health insurance and provide benefit plans that may be a better fit for small business owners and their employees. Because TranscendAHP is fully insured and not subject to some of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandated benefits and taxes, the plan allows the cost of your benefits to better reflect the unique demographics of your business and your employees.

Plus, all TranscendAHP plan options are fully insured by Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM) or Blue Care Network (BCN) and therefore tied to the same network of doctors and hospitals that MichBusiness members have accessed for years.

How do I get started?

We encourage you to talk to your current licensed health agent about getting a quote for TranscendAHP. If you need to be connected with an agent, please contact our team and we’ll find someone in your area to help.

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