Testing, Transitioning for Redesigned Agent, Group Websites Launch in July

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is redesigning and reformatting our Agent Secured Services and Group Secured Services Web portals at bcbsm.com.

Here are the dates we expect to begin testing and transitioning our agents, group customers and sponsored chambers of commerce and associations to our redesigned portals:

    July 8:* The testing process begins.
    July 31:* The transition process takes place for both groups and agents.

*Dates are subject to change.

Changes to Agent Secured Services

Many agents probably won’t notice the changes to our agent portal. They’ll continue to use their same password to log in to the site. Most of the changes to the portal involve enhancing its Web design and include:

    *A cleaner design that is easier to use and more intuitive
    *A redesigned site navigation that makes it easier to access product information and the Benefits-at-a-Glance pages.

Changes to Group Secured Services
This is the first redesign of our group portal, which features information for our group customers and chambers and associations. Some of the key changes to the site include:

    *An updated design that looks similar to Agent Secured Services
    *Improved site navigation that’s better organized and easier to use
    *Tabs located across the top of the page instead of a sidebar orientation
    *Redesigned Web pages that allow for more content
    *In the View All link on the pull-down navigation, users can see a brief description of each page or app

How will we test the agent and group portals?
We’ve selected certain agents and group representatives to serve as pilot users of our agent and group portals, beginning July 8. For testing purposes, we’ll ask them to access their respective portals at bcbsm.com and log in as usual. We’ll ask them to use the site as they usually do, focusing on:

    *Accessing the portal in general
    *Document or PDF access and use
    *Using eBookshelf to generate reports

If these agents and group representatives encounter any issues or have any questions or concerns about the new portals, they can send an email to groupwebsupport@bcbsm.com or agentwebsupport@bcbsm.com.

When will the official portal transition take place?
On July 31, we’ll transition all groups, agents and chambers and associations into the new portals.

Questions? Contact your Blues sales representative or managing agent.

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